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Pick URF Tier List Patch 10.12

MaximusPrime's Tier List MaximusPrime's Tier List
Last updated on June 13, 2020
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6/1/2020 - Added S+ Tier cause there are too many champs in A tier and I want to be able to point out the slightly stronger champs. Currently putting Yuumi in S tier, cause she still amplifies how strong a champ significantly is so putting her on a broken champ just makes her op.

S+ Tier

Champs that are great because they can abuse the utility they provide or spam very strong abilities.


S Tier

Champs that are typically stronger than A tier but not as broken as S+ tier.


A Tier

Strong champs that are similar to S Tier but not as broken due to less mobility, abilities that aren't as game changing, or can be outplayed/spammed.


B Tier

Champs that can be strong in the pre-6 laning phase or are strong in the start-of-game top lane fiesta but are relatively weak after that if they don't get a strong lead. They typically have very good waveclear or strong poke but fall off massively post-6 due to them needing too much time to kill a champ due to doing consistent damage, becoming too squishy, lacking a proper ult to swing teamfights around, and/or just being useless without their ultimate.


C tier

Champs that can work out but it depends on the enemy/team comp, aren't as strong/broken as other champs, and/or don't benefit as much from the URF buffs. Most champs not listed fall into this category but I'll list some of the popular picks I've seen. These also include champs that are simply too squishy or fairly useless without their ultimate.


Meme tier

Need I say more?

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steevieg | May 26, 2020 1:58pm
I always carry with anivia on urf. Well I won't say always, but 8/10 games i'm carrying with an S rank. Her E is faster than her AA and does so much damage throughout the game. Can one shot most champs.

Add a Yuumi and it's not even fair.
MaximusPrime (2) | May 26, 2020 9:11pm
I can see where she might be good but Cassiopeia basically does the same thing but better (more range on e, qw spam, good self peel) and she can easily be cheesed or assassinated since every non-squishy champ gets 1 shot late game. Also her wall is practically useless since they can just flash over it with the low cd if they somehow get trapped and are unable to either try and burst Anivia down and have no movement abilities up (which most champs have).
lemonbellflower (20) | May 18, 2020 4:30pm
I am so here for these URF lists, even if I'm absolutely terrible at playing URF itself, and from what I've experienced this is pretty spot on. My only suggestion is maybe knocking Yuumi down a tier? Her heal was pretty nerfed and she doesn't have the same Never Die cheat that she did prior. Still pretty broken, just not as much as before.
MaximusPrime (2) | May 19, 2020 12:19am
I will update it when I get the chance to use Yuumi in URF. Haven't tried her yet but it seems like she did get nerfed a decent bit.
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