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League of Legends Kills

Importance of killing

Kills not only give you gold and EXP but also take an opponent out of the game for a while making them unable to gain any gold through last hitting and unable to get EXP from minions dying. Respawn times for champion deaths increase according to champion level and match duration (on Summoner's Rift, death timers range from 12-50 seconds). The purpose of early game kills is often to gain a gold and EXP advantage over your opponent, while late game kills are important for securing objectives (such as Baron or Dragon) or pushing towers and inhibitors.

Gold gained on kills

Gold gained on kills is based on how many kills or deaths you have in a row. Every consecutive kill (called a killing spree) will increase the reward for killing you by 10% up to a cap of 500 gold at seven or more kills. On the opposite end of the spectrum, each consecutive death will cause the gold value for you to decrease. 9% for the first death without a kill and 21% for every death afterwards down to a minimum of 15 gold upon kill. However, the first kill of the match is worth 400 gold and will, of course, start a death streak on whoever was killed.


Assists are gained by either buffing the killer with an active skill (healing, shields move speed buffs) or damaging the killed person 10 seconds before they die. When an assist is granted, 58.33% of the gold from the kill is put into a pot and distributed among the assisters. For example, your AD carry gets first blood for 400 gold and only your support gets an assist. The AD carry gets 400 gold and the support gets about 233 gold.

Negative effects on death

Champion deaths can have other negative effects other than being out of the game and giving the other team gold and EXP. The following is a list of items, buffs and abilities that are weakened or lost upon death.

Effects and buffs that are lost
Buffs that are transferred to the killer
  • Crest of the Ancient Golem
  • Blessing of the Lizard Elder
  • Crest of Nature's Fury
  • Crest of Flowing Water

Persistent effects lost while dead
Stacks lost upon death (one third rounded up, unless otherwise noted)

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