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League of Legends Guide Filters - MOBAFire How To Series

Guide Filters - MOBAFire How To Series

First of all, to get to the guide browser just click on the "Builds & Guides" button on the menu.

We will first focus our attention on the "Guide Filters" box. This contains most of the guide filters available via checkboxes and dropdown lists.

The first row of filters are based on Champion types and categories.

New - One of the 3 most recently released champions

Free - Champions currently in the Free Champion Rotation

Melee - Champions that have a melee auto-attack

Ranged - Champions that have a ranged auto-attack

Select Champion - Filters for a specific champion. Contains a dropdown list with all of the current Champions. You can also click on the field and type to search that way (see picture to the left).

The second row of filters concerns the playstyle specialization of the guide.


This filter is for which location the guide is intended for. For example, in the Summoner's Rift map there are 3 lanes (top, middle, and bottom) and a jungle. The "Other" category is for any location that doesn't fit the others. For example, if the guide is for a roaming champion that doesn't stay in lane the Other option would be a good fit. You can use this filter without using the map filter though you will get better results by using them in conjunction.

Note: You can select any lane filter for any map even if the lane doesn't exist. This is just how the filters work so you can filter for map and lane separately. If there are no results you might want to check that you filtered for a lane that actually exists on that map.


The role filter is used to search for the playstyle or specialization that a guide employs. There are many roles in League of Legends but we have narrowed it down to those most often used in the current meta. If the role your searching for doesn't fit any of the ones listed use the "Other" option. I will clarify a few of the roles:

AP Carry - Also known as "Mage," "Caster." Does a lot of magic damage.

Assassin - High mobility / high burst champions that specialize in selecting one target and killing it. Can deal physical or magical damage.

AD / AP Offtank - Also known as "Bruisers" or "Tanky DPS," Offtanks combine defense and offense to take some hits but deal them back as well. AD Offtanks deal mostly physical damage and AP Offtanks deal mostly magical damage.

Note: It is up to the guide author to determine which role his guide is intended for. It is possible for them to believe their build fulfills the role when you do not. If you are not happy with the first guide you find just keep looking and vote vote vote!


The Map filter is to search for guides created specifically for that map. We include all the maps available to select when creating a custom game.

Keep in mind that Summoner's Rift is vastly more popular than the other maps, so if you filter for any map the majority of them will be for Summoner's Rift. If you are learning a new map it might be a good idea to use the map filter as well as the general guide filter to find introductory guides.

The last row of filters concern different qualifications set up by MOBAFire.

Guide Types:

Champion - This is the default guide type. These guides are focused on explaining how to play 1 champion.

General - These guides focus on a general League of Legends concept. Some examples of these might be how to play a certain role or map. Other general guides focus on assessments of runes, masteries, etc.

Humor - Humor guides are meant for the sole purpose of making the reader laugh, and are not meant to be taken seriously. This is meant to give some guides that our readers really enjoyed a permanent place to stay without showing up in a normal guide search.

Team - These guides are meant to include multiple champion builds and playstyles in them. It could be a duo lane combination or a whole team composition. Look up these for interesting strategies and synergies!

Guide Quality:

Full Guide - In order to be considered a "Full Guide" on MOBAFire your guide has to have all its summoner spells, runes, masteries, items, and skiling order filled out. It also has be at least 5000 characters long. This is the default filter to ensure newcomers find guides with clear builds and playstyle explanations.

Build Only - These are builds that did not qualify as a full guide, as explained above. These are meant to just give a build and possibly a quick description.

Featured - Featured guides are guides that have been voted on and chosen as high quality by MOBAFire Scouts. They are meant to highlight guides that Scouts feel are of exceptional quality.


The freshness system is something introduced by MOBAFire to filter out guides that haven't been updated in a long time.

Ideal guides have been updated within 2 patches, Fresh in 4, Stale in 6, and Expired in more than 6.

Note: The default setting is to show Stale guides and fresher. The system filters based on the selected quality and fresher. So if you select "Fresh" it will only show Ideal and Fresh guides.


These filters control the type of author that wrote the guide. The default filter is to accept any author.

High Elo - When the browser is set to this filter only guides written by authors verified to be 1500 ELO and above will show up.

Special Guest - These are guides written by guest writers. Guest writers are typically pro players that agree to write guides for MOBAFire.

After you're done simply hit the green apply button to apply all the filters you just set!

The final set of filters are tabs right above the displayed guides.

Updated - This is the default guide display filter. When you're set to this tab the guides displayed are the most recently updated.

Newest - This guide filter will show completely new guides, just published for the first time. These guides are probably in need of the most love and feedback!

Top Rated - When you're on this tab you will find the highest rated guides on the site. It is organized by the score of the guide (percentage displayed to the right of the guides).

Discussion - The guides on this tab show the most recently commented on guides. Look here for some quick discussion!

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