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Janna, Trundle, Evelynn
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// Hello there! My name is Adeori, also known as Adam! I'm just your regular member on Mobafire. I occassionally write a few guides on the champions I enjoy, and how I build them.
// Have fun looking at my profile!

More about me!

// So, if you've managed to read the first paragraph of my bio and haven't got bored of me, you're probably reading this, or maybe you're just nosey, anyway, I'll just write a bit about my favourite champions and roles in LoL.
  • My favorite champions are Alistar, Nidalee, Evelynn and Trundle
  • My favorite role is solo top or jungling, however supports are fun!
  • My favorite summoner spell is Teleport - So much mobility! ♥
  • My highest ELO currently is 1272 ☻ (Yes I fail)

// Thanks for reading this boring block of text, and also, read my jungle Evelynn guide here!