If you've been following my guide since the archiving by any chance, here's a list of fresh things/ideas I work on atm.
  • I uploaded several game replays ( Malzahar, Katarina, Kog'Maw). All are played with friends in normal draft pick around the 1500ish normal elo range (if I can trust the database websites). There are some really cool tricks in some of them that you can easily pick up from just watching the vids.
  • I'm currently working on the champion-matchup section. Planning to make it much more in-depth. I've completed the Ahri and Akali parts already. I'd appreciate the feedback on that, if you have any (PM's)
  • The ganking section seems kind of vague and a little obsolete to me now. I'm planning to remake that soon. So stay tuned.
  • Recently I've been forced into the situation where I'm the only remaining team memeber to contest the objective (baron/dragon). If I'm fed enough, Q-R-E combo sometimes does enough damage (generally you need to be able to deal ~twice the smite damage (1500ish) for successful steal in late game)
    But sometimes the games go even and I'm not super fed. In those cases Q-R doesn't really do that much damage.

    So the thought is, Ignite- Smite/ Smite- Flash LeBlanc. It's quite a dillema since I think both Ignite and Flash are quintessential for LB playstyle. I can definitely manage to play without one of them, but it will take away a lot of surprise range/damage factor.

    Any thoughts on that? (realize that it's just an untested idea, so no "omg n00b" ********, please). Probably gonna try some of it on PBE.

    That's about it.
    Have fun LeBlanc'ing