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25 Oct

Views: 554 Mobafire birthday :D

Hi there!

It's been a little while since I didn't show up here, but since today it's been a year since I joined you guys, I decided to come by and say hi :)

College's been a great fun so far for me.
Might get back to playing league over winter break if I'll get some spare time for it lol

How have you guys been doing?
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25 Aug

Views: 1347 I'm out

I suppose that between the life and the game one should always chose the former.

After losing one of my closest friends over the stupid matter of gaming, I say, "**** it, it's not worth it".

Idk, I'll have fun in college. And good luck to you, guys.

PSPSPSPSSS. Tell that noob Fruyti to fix his stupid magic penetration mistake in LeBlonk guide :D
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22 Jul
If you've been following my guide since the archiving by any chance, here's a list of fresh things/ideas I work on atm.
  • I uploaded several game replays ( Malzahar, Katarina, Kog'Maw). All are played with friends in normal draft pick around the 1500ish normal elo range (if I can trust the database websites). There are some really cool tricks in some of them that you can easily pick up from just watching the vids.
  • I'm currently working on the champion-matchup section. Planning to make it much more in-depth. I've completed the Ahri and Akali parts...
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