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Kaisa às Bruxas
Xayah, Kai'Sa, Kindred
Marksman, Mage, Support


Busy parent/Undergrad Student

I'll do my best to keep my guides updated, but I have other things in life that demand a lot of attention right now, so some guides will take longer to update depending on how many changes there are in a given patch and my availability to actually play the game.

Xayah and Kaisa are my babies so I will give priority to their guides but it will be slow, so sorry :(

Jungle: Kindred, Lillia, Neeko, Bel'Veth, Gwen and Evelynn enjoyer
Support: Leona, Nami enjoyer. Occasionally play other enchanters
Mid: Ahri, Naafiri and Vex enjoyer
ADC: A lot of champions LOL

I have been playing league since the end of season 9. I started maining Kindred in the jungle, but in season 10 I moved on to the bot lane and have mostly stayed there ever since. The first champion I picked up was Xayah - I love her to death even to this day.

In season 11 I started playing many other marksman, such as Samira, Kai'sa, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Tristana, Aphelios and Vayne, and to this day I still pick up new champions to learn. I consider Kai'Sa to be my "second main champion" though.

I sometimes play support, mid and jungle, and I'm generally good at the champions I pick for these roles. But I suck at top lane and I don't enjoy myself over there.

I don't usually play ranked games because I don't enjoy the climb. I do enjoy learning about the game and I confess I really like winning, but playing competitively and consistently just isn't good for me - so I don't do it.

My favorite game modes are Nexus Blit and arena. Favorite Xayah skin is arcana and favorite Kaisa skin is IG.

I like making guides because I love sharing knowledge! I hope you'll find them to be useful no matter your rank and goals.

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