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AncientNecro's Mobafire Blog

18 Dec
Hey guys :)

I decided to start making quick little "2 minute guides" for champions that I have a lot of success with.

I'm not making full guides because I simply don't have the time, and so many things are changing right now that I feel most of the work would end up being a waste, anyway.

So my 2 minute guides have started. I've begun with a guide for Leona and I hope you enjoy it.

Leona - A 2 Minute Guide

Cheers, mates!
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11 Dec

Recently decided to clean house and archive all of my old "personal reference" builds here on MobaFire. Most of them were outdated anyway, so no big loss.

I've decided I'm going to try to make one of these personal references for most of the champions I play. I know some of you enjoyed the builds (literally no text, so I can't really call it a guide), and I apologize if you can't get to them anymore.

Anyway, I've been doing some wild experiments with the new Season 3 items, and I can't wait to hear some of your guys' opinions on my off-the-wall builds on champions...
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13 Aug
I've recently decided to focus on my support game. I've always been decent with supports like Soraka, Taric, and Sona which all provide some sort of sustain, but I never really delved any deeper than that.

So I bought Leona, and had my first go at Support Tanking (not counting Taric here...). Wow, I was impressed! I find that you really need to have better communication with your AD carry when you play a support like this, but when you guys are on the same page, it's absolutely devastating to the enemy!

I've been trying quite a few different builds, most of them utilizing an...
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08 Aug
I never really minded the Brazilians playing on our servers, but it was still causing a slight language barrier in a few too many games.

Since the new server opened up for them in Brazil, the team play has been exceptionally higher than normal for the time of day that I normally play. I think it was a super strong move by Riot to create another server for them.

I don't know, I just haven't heard anyone say anything since the big change over happened. I For one appreciate the hell out of it :)

Cheers, then!
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