My weekend at gamescom was amazing.
I sat at the front line and in the center every single day and I enjoyed watching the SK Gaming vs. semifinal on Saturday best.

Since I was in first row there was a lot of pushing when they were giving away free stuff like Gangplank oranges and Teemo hats. I was almost pushed onto the stage and it was pretty painful.
Two Riot heroes saved me though ("are you okay, sweetie?") they gave me the last remaining Teemo hat and a lot of other freebies afterwards. :D It was really kind of them.

I also collected some nice autographs on my drawings. Everyone loved them - especially Nikasaur (who said I should send it to the Showcase) and Ocelote.

When my friend suggested to Ocelote that he should ask me for a drawing he wanted a Twisted Fate with his face. We agreed that I'll draw it until Sunday and that he would be looking out for me.

It was really hard to catch Ocelote after the finals on Sunday, though. SK Gaming had to leave almost instantly it seemed, leaving their fans disappointed and without autographs.

I did meet Araneae backstage though and he showed me where Oce was so I could finally give him his requested drawing.

He seemed to be really happy about it. He said he was looking out for me but couldn't find me.
He also said that he will show the drawing on his stream. We'll see whether he will keep up his promise.
Aaand I got a lot of hugs from him so I can die happy now. :D