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Apfeljack's Mobafire Blog - Tag: gamescom

19 Aug
My weekend at gamescom was amazing.
I sat at the front line and in the center every single day and I enjoyed watching the SK Gaming vs. semifinal on Saturday best.

Since I was in first row there was a lot of pushing when they were giving away free stuff like Gangplank oranges and Teemo hats. I was almost pushed onto the stage and it was pretty painful.
Two Riot heroes saved me though ("are you okay, sweetie?") they gave me the last remaining Teemo hat and a lot of other freebies afterwards. :D It was really kind of them....
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17 Aug

Views: 900 gamescom

I stayed up all night so I got up pretty late and eventually made it to gamescom at 18:00.
I went just to take a quick look and I shall return tomorrow for more action!
Here a few photos, though.

Everyone was already leaving when I walked in. YES, MOAR ROOM FOR MY BIG BODY.

Visitors were forced to play ARAM.

"Hi, my name is Phreak and I play LoL on my iPad."...
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07 Aug
And it doesn't stop with just spending Riot Points for useless skins.

They sent this email about Riot at gamescom in Germany.
Next thing I know, I had preordered a 4-days ticket for the event and I'm already flying to Germany in two hours.

I'm not even interested in all the other exhibitions there. Been at gamescom in 2009 before and there was nothing but smelly people standing 9 hours in line just to play Tekken 6.

So, I'll just be there, four days hanging around the LoL area. This company owns me so hard. :(

But at least I have free...
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