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Apfeljack's Mobafire Blog - Tag: art

12 May

Views: 726 art

I hate spring. I suffer from the worst possible form of hay fever and life in spring is just hell for me (even though I'm taking antiallergics).
That's not what I wanted to talk about, though.

I've been quite artsy and even attended my first event as an artist, yay.

Just wanted to share some pictures and tell you all that I finally created a damn Facebook page:

There'll be loads of League art coming up so consider liking it, okay? :D

Right, I'm out....
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17 Aug

Views: 902 art

I stayed up all night so I got up pretty late and eventually made it to gamescom at 18:00.
I went just to take a quick look and I shall return tomorrow for more action!
Here a few photos, though.

Everyone was already leaving when I walked in. YES, MOAR ROOM FOR MY BIG BODY.

Visitors were forced to play ARAM.

"Hi, my name is Phreak and I play LoL on my iPad."...
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