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Apfeljack's Mobafire Blog - Tag: drawings

19 Aug
My weekend at gamescom was amazing.
I sat at the front line and in the center every single day and I enjoyed watching the SK Gaming vs. semifinal on Saturday best.

Since I was in first row there was a lot of pushing when they were giving away free stuff like Gangplank oranges and Teemo hats. I was almost pushed onto the stage and it was pretty painful.
Two Riot heroes saved me though ("are you okay, sweetie?") they gave me the last remaining Teemo hat and a lot of other freebies afterwards. :D It was really kind of them....
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13 Aug

Views: 2249 drawings

Luther was really persistent on me creating a blog about my drawings, so here we go.

I suck at making graphics and signatures which is why I still don't have one. I'd like to request some pretty ones. In exchange, I'd love to draw a little picture for you.

Here are a few examples of my stuff:

I usually draw and paint digitally but I'm currently on vacation in Germany and I didn't take my tablet. But...
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