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20 Feb
So I was thinking... you know how theres the Revolution (battlecast) fighting the Resistance (full metal) skin lines.

Well, creator Viktor, the leader of the revolution always takes void creatures. E.g Mecha Kha'Zix, Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, Battlecast Vel'Koz and the soon to be Battlecast Kog'Maw.

So I was expecting 2 skins to be in this line, Battlecast Malzahar and Full metal Kassadin.

Imagine a Malzahar robot voidling, or channeling a red and black ulty. Or imagine a kassadin throwing an electric force pulse and teleporting with blue and...
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16 Sep
Hi everyone! My name is Arenor and I really like all the fanart people make about champions. So this post has absolutely nothing to do with guides or builds or strategy, this is pure fanart.

This is the first post out of many, because there are ALOT of champions and i cant fit them all in one. So each post will contain my idea of one champions personality and relationships

Since I will be doing this alphabetically. First up is-

Aatrox- Aatrox is described as a warrior of an ancient race called the Darkin. He is an extremely powerfull fighter who has affected the outcomes of...
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28 Jul

Views: 1562 Hitboxes

Who says size doesn't matter?

This time my question concerns hitboxes. Nowhere does it say the size of a champion hitbox.

What size is the Hitbox?

and also, do larger champions have larger hitboxes. this seems unlikely to me as it will make the game a little unfair, with a few champions being easier to hit than smaller ones.

Do larger champions have larger hitboxes?

e.g Hecarim and Nautilus bring easier to hit than Teemo and Fizz
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22 Jul
So I'm slowly picking up more and more supports. My mains are Thresh and Leona, I usually play the aggressive supports :P

Anyway, kayle used to be a poke support, she has a very long range heal, a slow, ranged AA, and her ulty practically says "I'm a support". However, the changes made to her focused on making her an As/Ap/Hybrid carry. Her heal is minuscule, lower than Sona's, and she seems to focus more on damage.

So my question is, is Kayle still a viable support? Maybe even a situational one like her sister Morgana or a support Lux?
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15 Jul
You may have seen my Sejuani Guide. In the guide I wrote that Rod of Ages is not a viable option for her.

It is expensive for a jungler, and the stats it gives are only half usefull. Not to mention its passive.

The health is nice, but there are items that give you more health for less gold, or more health plus another usefull stat.
The Cdr is fine, but once again better items with better stats
The mana is useless, Sejuani doesn't need it.
And the passive is a bad joke at...
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