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13 Jul
I'm a dedicated Sejuani player, Iv'e been playing her for almost two years. You all know of her recent remake, a lot of things changed, except for her skill order.

whether you know Sejuani or you don't, at one point or another you must have heard of the "Max W or max E" controversy.

Perhaps youv'e read my guide Sejuani - Permafrost in which I explain in detail the reasons for maxing your E first.

So this blog entry is about that big *** question, what do you people...
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09 Jul

Views: 916 Vayne Toplane

So iv'e recently watched a ranked game where Vayne was played as a solo top Adc. She was up against a Renekton, and completely dominated! Even when their jungler, no less, a Lee Sin, instead of being the squishy carry she is she became an invisible, ninja, tumbling, condemning, **********er!!!

I can't remeber the name of the player, he was definetly pro. Final Hour, then tumble invisibly into the bushes, get three AA with Silver Bolts from there, and when Renekton came into the bush, Vayne Tumbled out and Condemned him into the wall. All in all his...
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06 Jul

Views: 336 Guide reviews

So iv'e updated my Sejuani guide significantly. And I am looking for people to review it and tell me how to improve. The item explanation section is not completed yet -_- but other than that I'm done. I also didn't want to post this in the forums because it's not the place for a "review my guide" thread, and I'm tired of posting in review shops...

Thank you :) and I hope to hear from you soon.
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21 Jun
First of all, im new to Irelia. im not presumptuous, and im not saying i know her. this thread is to help me understand her more and improve :) your help is much appreciated.

So anyways i read a few guides and watced a few ranked games and i got mixed signales. I was able to gather up a few things about her. Many people rush Blade of the Ruined King while the rest rush Trinity Force ive seen some people getting Hextech Gunblade as a first item. im not new to the league, i know that when someone buys Wit's End first its because they are up against a Malphite. But...
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20 Jun
I'm seeing alot of people taking Ad marks on Sejuani.

As a summoner whos played sejuani for close to two years, i ask you


I mean, sure they help they early jungle clear, but thats it! Sejuani has absolutly no use for them whatsoever after lvl 3. They give what? 15 ad? Her basic attacks are near useless anyway it will do you no good to get those runes. M.pen however, works wonders. All of sejuanis abilities are magic based which means this will increase her damage throughout the game!

My point is! Dont get Ad runes on a ****ing Mage!!!
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