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19 May
Rod of ages barely gives anything to lissandra and is not worth the gold when you compare it to other items you COULD have gotten, like morello's, zhonyas, abyssal, rabadons, void staff, haunting guise, deathfire grasp.

I have seen so many lissandras build rod of ages as their first item and pretty much throw their lane as well as any burst that they COULD have had. And seeing as every single lissandra guide at the moment has rod of ages, I urge you people not to build that item. Any items I have listed above are better choices (depending on the game), but you should pretty much never...
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15 Feb

Views: 1038 I remember when ...

I remember when so many champions were considered ****py picks. Twitch and Caitlyn as adcs were horrible picks. Ezreal wasn't played as much because he "fell off". Miss fortune was an instant loss in solo queue.

Trundle used to be for the trolls only. Volibear was a laughable jungler. Morgana was a broken mid, and kassadin countered everyone.

I love League of Legends meta game, its just amazing (:
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10 Feb
If you come to lane without a ward you are disrespecting all the junglers out there. When the enemy top lane doesn't buy a ward I say


And I camp them for 20 minutes.
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