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06 Jan
Why do i hate forums? IT'S SO SLOW! I am not an impatient guy, but i like it when things progress pretty rapidly.
I mean, i myself roam the forums as long as i'm awake, checking for updates every ~20 minutes, which is a habit i received when i was high-school, taking boring mandatory classes in which i had zero interest. So i... "contracted" this habit when i was super-bored.

So everything feels a little slow when most people only check in MOBAfire once a day, maybe every second day, or just twice a week, i don't know...

It pisses me off, but nothing i can do about, and...
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21 Dec
What the hell do i categorize this as?!

Anyway, i made this as a guide first, and now i'm posting it as a blog.

I have some thoughts on Vi... and some thoughts on people making Vi guides already.

Stop making Vi guides, please.

I am so tired of seeing all these Vi guides pop up all around the place.
People buying pure AD or going maxing E.
Full attack speed or full tank builds...

I am NOT here to stomp the people who made these builds; i understand that we all want high rated guides and as thus we try to be out early to gain more fame, faster.

But hear me...
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