What the hell do i categorize this as?!

Anyway, i made this as a guide first, and now i'm posting it as a blog.

I have some thoughts on Vi... and some thoughts on people making Vi guides already.

Stop making Vi guides, please.

I am so tired of seeing all these Vi guides pop up all around the place.
People buying pure AD or going maxing E.
Full attack speed or full tank builds...

I am NOT here to stomp the people who made these builds; i understand that we all want high rated guides and as thus we try to be out early to gain more fame, faster.

But hear me out: This is ridiculous! No one is ACTUALLY looking at her skillset. How long has she been out? 3 days? 4 days? (EUW - How long NA?).

You cannot come here and tell me you can actually teach other people to play a high level Vi after a week or so.
Is she Viable? Yes!
Is anyone fit to make a guide for her yet? No!
Will we probably see some great Vi guides soon? Yes. But it needs more time. It's like a kindgardner making a guide on proper use of grammar.

Just a little rant: This blog isn't just a whole lot of ******** at other people.

Because i also bring you:

Part 2: Theory on Vi's skillset

Let's make a breadown on Vi here, shall we?

Passive: Blast Shield

Oh. An 18/13/8 second shield that scales with health.
Basically, what this means is that you can sacrifice damage for tannkiness, that the tankiness you buy will be amplified, and that you SHOULD be buying some defensive items.

ANY defensive item will stack on this passive, because it SCALES with health.

Item's that synergises with her passive is PS: The the amount of items that synergise are not limited to the above list. These are just the best.

Warmog's Armor + Randuin's Omen = 240 health shield with about 160 armor on top - @lvl 18 (+base health/considering no other items).

This passive is also ALL in favour of going for tanky masteries; increased hp and resistances + increased mobility.
Vi is all about mobility, but i'll explain why later.

Q: Vault Breaker

It's quite a nuke, actually. I see a lot of people NOT maxing this first, but it literally makes no sense. It is a multipurpose ability, useful for everything from escaping/chasing to nuking/blocking skillshots.
Tremendous scalings, albeit the obvious drawback of a loss of movement speed. It also applies two stacks of her W regardless of the amount of "charge" you gave it, making this the obvious skill to skill first. At least if you are top.

Things i need confirmation on:
1: Vault Breaker applies two stacks of Denting Blows
2: Vault Breaker can knock more than one person back if they are stacked close enough.

This is ONE of many good reasons to get CDR on Vi. This skill can be used to nuke as fck, and as far as i'm concerned, your enemies don't notice it.

W: Denting Blows
This ability is what makes her crazy lategame.
Since this ability can you give attack speed, it makes her a great jungler when paired with her E.
Additionally, it makes her a CRAZY duelist: Melee Vayne, thanks!

Basically, this skill promotes that you buy "some" kind of attack speed. This skill at max rank places you about 1.4 attack speed @ 18 without any AS items.
This ability synergizes SO WELL with Black Cleaver that it's ******* crazy.
Vi is going to be a tank DESTROYER! She will be a mean frontline, while also being able to penetrate with her ult... christ. What was Riot thinking :D

However!! The stacks fall off rather quickly, and you NEED moblity! Every. hit. you do is threat, and you NEED to be able to stick to your target.
IF you are slowed, a Frozen Mallet won't cut it.
This is why i suggest Zehpyr (Since i don't build TriForce). If you get Trinity Force, these two MS buffs STACK.
There more uptime you got on your target, the better.
Vi can effectively go for the tanks without losing much potential damage. She is a great pick if you got an ADC to defend. She has a surprising amount of CC, and she takes down heavy targets EXTREMELY fast once she gets a bit of AS and/or Black Cleaver.

PS: Real *******s takes Last Whisper too since the changes. Beast. Bye-bye tanks.

E: Relentless Force

CDR please. Lots of it.
With 40% CDR @ rank 5, it has 4.8 CD on a punch. Great synergy with her W. GJ Riot.

Decent AD scale (Remember 115% - 100% of it just your normal auto-attack). It can be good for finish off a running enemy and for farming. Skilling it first, as some people do, is a huge waste.
The basedamage is poor, and you don't need to skill up to get the scaling and the AoE. CDR will do the work early/midgame.

There's not much to say here. Decent skill.

Cease and Desist
GG WP Riot. This skill is crazy. It's also rather "slow", and it keeps people cc'ed for a decent amount of time. IF you can avoid it, try to NOT use it to initiate! The damage + the scaling the ultimate is CRAZY. It's a single-target nuke like ****, and if you can get BC stack + W armor reduction on the target, it will do unexpected tons of damage.

Decently low CD, and with maxed CDR it has 48 seconds CD. You might even use it twice in VERY long teamfights XD
Just kidding.
The low CD just allows you to chase the enemy ADC that much more often. Or stop that tank from wrecking your ADC.

This has great synergy with other hard-initiations like Unstoppable Force. Also i imagine Malphite and Vi could be best-buds.
Additionally it could lock someone down if combined with Infinite Duress. Just if you really hate Vayne :D

There are SO many things you can do with this ult, mainly because it stops CC. Do you see Ashe arrow coming your direction? Waste it by using ult in it's path. Vayne looking like she wants to Condemn you? Np, ult her ***.
This ability is straight up OP. Riot is crazy, but i love them for it.

So what am i getting at here?
Vi is a bruiser. Vi is a tank-bruiser. While her set allows for chasing, her backline penetration is BAD! ( Xin Zhao or Jax are amazing examples of good backline penetration - Their abilites allows them to go in and get people way from the ADC/Stun those who tries to protect their ADC).
Vi does none of this, bar her ultimate on a too long CD to help out TWICE in a normal teamfight.
Nuh-uh. She is not an ***sassin, her skillset doesn't allow for it, since Vault Breaker is just going to be blocked.

What she CAN do, unlike most other bruisers, is to take down tanks EXTREMELY FAST!
Her W is ****ing mean to tanks that she is an amazing frontline char, like Cho'Gath.
Vi belongs in the frontline, being tanky, while ultimately doing more damage to their tanks, than the enemies can do to your tanks.
She is a lategame BEAST! and she is a good contender for 1v1'ing Jax is you can bait his Counter Strike.

Vi's skillset means that one of the best items for her is Black Cleaver. CDR - Health - ArPen and AD. Dream item.

She is prone to getting kited when her ult is on CD, and even after she's used ult she is very easy to get down. You won't get much uptime on ADCs if they got a support keeping you away/standing in your way, and nothing in Vi's skillset makes her tanky enough to try and take an ADCs damage on headfirst.

I will be releasing a complete Vi guide, probably in the new year.