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29 Jul
NOTE these are only my initial thoughts on Gnar after a few games with him on PBE some of these can very quickly change once I get off PBE and play against players of a better skill level on live servers.


Gnar is a an interesting adapting champion that morphs between ranged and melle forms throughout the game. Unlike the other "morphing" champions who can morph at will as their ultimate Gnar's morph is...
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03 May

Champion Overview:

Shyvana is a tanky bruiser top lane. She has incredible dueling potential and push power as well as lacking any mana costs on her spells. Shyvana is a strong bully due to the fact her damage is mixed between physical and magical, has very fast waveclear, and to top it all off has a strong escape ability.

Skills Overview:

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26 Apr
Hello everyone I am Berzerk, and today I will be bringing the first of my new series, the Encyclopedia of Top Lane. This series will replace my old Top Facts series, which is outdated and was written when I was much less experienced as a player. I have decided my first installment in the series should be on Rumble, as he is a fun champion who I feel many people in the community disregard even after his recent buffs.


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23 Nov

Views: 6175 First Look Yasuo


Yasuo is a close range assassin/AD caster style of champion. His gameplay involves a good amount of maintenance work to be pulled off. I feel like he will be one of those "Yasuo main" kinda champions where the people that play him well, are the ones who play him alot. His kit involves alot of mobility as well as ability management. If played well though he offers an INSANELY fun...
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19 Nov
Hello everyone I am back =D Been busy with college stuff and have not had much time to play LoL, let alone write blogs on it. With my top lane guide in need of a rehaul and S4 just around the corner I figure its time for a new blog series on S4 top lane. =)

Note: The information this blog is based off of is PBE and is subject to change. If at anytime RIOT makes a major change that will affect what I have written here I will go change it....
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