Seen some significant improvement in my game lately in my main roles (Support and Jungle). The majority of the improvement originates from education/instruction and game observations/spectating (credit going to: C4 Lasty, H4xDefender, Rule18, Trick2g) as usual. This is of course due to my limited time to work on mechanics (I work full time, have a wife, and a dog).

Feel like I am playing at a silver level. Most of the time I play I queue up with silver elo friends...a few bronze. The bronze I play with feel like bronze players aka bad decision making...poor mechanics...etc. I can keep up with the silver players greater than 50% of the time and when I play with silver peeps only I have a good win rate.

Things I feel I have improved on in the last month:

1) Map awareness.

As a jungle/support it seems almost essential/your job to be the one paying attention to the map as last hitting isn't a concern for you. The improvement in me actually looking at the minimap regularly when I can while support/running around the jungle has not only improved my gameplay but as expected has shown significant improvement in team performance. I mean I do a good job warding so paying attention to the minimap seems like a given to reap the benefits of this, but i have been doing a much better job lately which keeps my lanes safer from ganks and getting caught out in the fog.

2) Jungle route/camping.

I used to base my route on who I was playing. Now I base it on side of the map. This has improved my ability to gank faster, as well as, keep me focused on the lanes I should be ganking (top and mid). Seems like common sense not to, but I always tried to help bot lane as much as I could but the success rate of ganks was low due to warding. This of course wasted my time and I would get behind in level. Now I focus on camping mid or top depending on lane push and who I feel has the ability to snowball better. I have a better successful gank rate now and tend to stay up in level better.

3) Playing smart.

I learned a long time ago not to overextend/chase but recently I have done a better job of engaging and disengaging a little more...educated like...I tend to be far more passive than I used to be...and more opportunistic. This has kept my death count in check. I also have been doing a good job at leaving my teammates behind...if we get caught/they get caught and I can see they are doomed I have been doing a better job at refraining from trying to save them. This has not only helped me, but also keeps the enemy team from aces/gaining number advantage which leads to objectives lost.

4) Nami/champ focus.

Been playing a lot of Nami support mechanics are much better than they fact I am nailing bubbles like it is easy (which imo makes or breaks a good nami player). I still have a problem with champs that can insta-jump like kat, but for the most part I have really been playing well. Thresh play has been better too...if anything I have been playing lulu much less and actually feel more comfortable with nami now. In general, I have been trying to focus on a handful of champs regardless of who is playing against me; given I barely have the time to work on mechanics this has helped a lot.

Things I need to work on:

1) Being a team leader versus follower.

In general, I find that I am more educated than my teammates because I actually watch the experts and learn. I have been following a lot though and when **** goes south I tend to think..why did I listen to them? I know better. Either that, or no one steps up and we miss out on opportunities. I need to try to step up if the opportunity presents itself...when I have stepped up I tend to win more so that is a good indicator.

2) Post-laning phase.

Honestly I feel like I come out on top of laning phases 80% or greater of the time. When I lose games it is almost always post laning phase due to the team falling apart or the other lanes feeding hard and no one keeping it in check. I need to do a better job keeping the team focused and if I am have done my job feeding my adc move to other lanes to help.

Well that's about it for now. Not 100% sure why I posted this, but guess it is good to get my thoughts written somewhere so I can go back and look at them again. Sorry if you read this and were bored out of your mind. If I am lucky it helped a few readers take a look at their own game.

Good hunting mobafire people,