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Bioalchemist's Mobafire Blog - Tag: science

16 Dec

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So I was thinking about Otto Heinrich: famous biochemist/physician/scientist/nobel prize winner who made significant advances in the field of oncology. I decided to look up a more thorough biography of him. I discovered a photo of him from 1966 in a laboratory in Berlin.

I am not sure how much any of you have spent in a chemical laboratory, but I can say that it is quite extraordinary that the scientists of the past were able to achieve solid understanding of numerous chemical/biological...
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17 Oct

Views: 1510 science

Seen some significant improvement in my game lately in my main roles (Support and Jungle). The majority of the improvement originates from education/instruction and game observations/spectating (credit going to: C4 Lasty, H4xDefender, Rule18, Trick2g) as usual. This is of course due to my limited time to work on mechanics (I work full time, have a wife, and a dog).

Feel like I am playing at a silver level. Most of the time I play I queue up with silver elo friends...a few bronze. The bronze I play with feel like bronze players aka bad decision making...poor mechanics...etc. I can keep up...
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