So I was thinking about Otto Heinrich: famous biochemist/physician/scientist/nobel prize winner who made significant advances in the field of oncology. I decided to look up a more thorough biography of him. I discovered a photo of him from 1966 in a laboratory in Berlin.

I am not sure how much any of you have spent in a chemical laboratory, but I can say that it is quite extraordinary that the scientists of the past were able to achieve solid understanding of numerous chemical/biological processes in such an environment. Not saying that I don't still see some of that glassware in the lab, but I can assure you: stirring, heating, containment, and many other apparatus have been significantly improved. Thinking about the numerous amounts of organic and inorganic chemical preparations I have performed in an exhaust hood, makes you wonder if these brave men knew that the fumes they were breathing in and the samples they dealt with could easy kill them or shorten their lifespans.

I deal with potentially infected patient samples on a regular basis, and knowing this take a number of steps to protect myself, but what if I worked in the labs 60 years ago? Would the same steps be available and implemented in the labs?

Not only have we made significant improvements to lab safety we have also improved technology astronomically in such a short time. Think of how advanced the computer is that you are using right now compared to the first super computers created back in the 50's.

I recently watched 'Star Trek: Into Darkness', not really an avid star trek fan but the technology is so appealing. The writers grasp on a possible future is so alluring, but will I ever see such advances in my lifetime? The lifespan of human beings, while being extended, is but a drop in the bucket that is time. Makes one think about what impact you can make in this moment and over your lifespan. Will it be of any significance or will it simply be another leaf floating down a secluded river?

Guess I have found myself in a strangely philosophical mood. Lately, I have been a bit lost since completing my second diagnostic product. The next product I was assigned seems lackluster to me and I haven't been overly motivated to get started on it. It seems the above mentioned topics have kindled the fire of discovery in me again.

I hope that the members of this community find significance in their paths. I know most/many of you are young so you might not be even thinking about it, but at some point you are going to make important decisions in your life and likely it will have an effect on those around you. Even the smallest decision/contributions can have great impact, though they may not be seen immediately.

Probably not the best blog for a League of Legends community, but meh.

Best wishes for the holidays and such,