Hi guys,

as a matter of fact I like to avoid visiting shrinks, so I will just compensate the moments that make me wanna go rage by blogging them right here.
Hope it has some cathartic effect, otherwise I can still rage that the rageblog is useless :)

Feel free to rage in here as well, I don't want to keep this imaginary punching bag all for my self ...

Today my rage factor is quite low, going to work on a sunday morning does not really uplift my mood but I had worse. Left work early as there was not that much to do and decided to go wash my clothes.
As my washing machine is broken right now and I don't want to buy a new one before I move into a nicer flat, I went to the washing salon.

What started there was constant harassment by other people trying to block as many machines as possible, trying to make the machine recognize my money, fighting of annoying prostitutes ( it's not in the best part of the town- but amusing )and then finding a dryer that was not broken but swallowing your money.
Highlight was then a 10 headed family of Arabic origin that decided to make a family trip there, which would be ok if they had not decided that the only way to communicate was to shout, independent if they are 1 or 5 meters apart. 10 people shouting, all at the same time, and there stupid boy kicking trash against my leg.
Good thing is they realized that they don't have to shout at each other if it is quite around them so they unpacked a mobile phone and played some of there countries native music as loud as possible to the sound of the tweeter which made them shout out even louder. As then the prostitutes got aggressive as they feared that the cacophony of sound could scare their customers and all where shouting at each other I decided not to drink anymore the day before going to wash and that I need a new headset for my galaxy...

If somebody in Germany wants to give me his old washing machine as a christmas presesnt you are welcome to do so. I promise I will thank you quietly :)