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Blowfeld's Mobafire Blog

08 Oct

I guess this post serves as a karthatic medium for me, so bare with me if my point of view is very subjective and personal.

This out of the way I would like to speak about the "other meta" in LOL, not gameplay wise but community wise.

I had a short break of playing LOL regularly as I could not stand the constant bashing and harrassing of the players any more. I found out that I myself get quite aggressive when people misbehave in chat and you yourself have to be the better man, always... The so often used term "toxic" is quite fitting for this...
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20 Sep
First of all: good job @ Riot!

The refund system is another gesture showing how much the company cares for it's customers. KUDOS!

I was super amazed when I read that you can give back skins and champions (3 per lifetime per account). Here is exactly what happened when I talked to Mr. Riot about this.

Mr.RIOT: Refund System now online, you can give back 3 champions or skins in a lifetime.

Blowfeld: Yeah, bye bye Xerath! He was the biggest mistake I ever bought. Thank you, Mr. Riot.

Mr. RIOT: Oh,...
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16 Jul
If you ever had to wash your laundry in public you will know that going batsh*t hulk overlord is just a coindrop away...

It's rated R, so do not watch if you can't stand to see bones breaking in weird ways.

Thomas Jane is underrated as Punisher. Let him do his own movie. Make it dirty. Make it happen.

If you want to know the difference between justice and punishment, click video below...
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