I guess this post serves as a karthatic medium for me, so bare with me if my point of view is very subjective and personal.

This out of the way I would like to speak about the "other meta" in LOL, not gameplay wise but community wise.

I had a short break of playing LOL regularly as I could not stand the constant bashing and harrassing of the players any more. I found out that I myself get quite aggressive when people misbehave in chat and you yourself have to be the better man, always... The so often used term "toxic" is quite fitting for this environment.

So I took a break and found out that 2 of my friends were interested in playing LOL and asked me, if I would like to join them for a few matches to share some of my experience (I am by no means a very successful player, and as I usually play support or jungle, I rather pull the strings in the background so the carrys can shine);

I agreed and we played about 30 matches in the past 2 weeks so far. What I experienced when playing with them made me visit the tribunal on a daily base (when it's up), as the amount of verbal abuse and "newb bashing" was such a frustrating experience, that both of my friends stopped playing.

"It's a great game, but I do not let people treat me like that for being new" one of them said.

Here are some of the common findings of tribunal today: (It's not filtered, so I put it in spoilers)
Spoiler: Click to view

Knowing that these cases are extreme, but being sure that nearly everyone of us encountered games like these, I really lose my faith in society.

In every single game of those 30 games I had played with my friends there was at least 1 guy smurfing who wanted new players being reported for being "noobs that feed- go uninstall ******s or play pony farm". Why do they smurf, when they can not stand playing with inexperienced people? Oh, I forgot, so they can buy Yi and win the game alone (or die over and over by going into teamfights 1 vs 4 and then blaming there "noob" team for not being there).

The amount of "lane X or feed" was about 1/5 of all games. Even in pregame chat people got dissed for their champ decicion out of the free to play champs.

People that instalock, don't say a word and then appear at 1:40 ingame just to tell people to "gtfo of my lane, u ****** son of a *****".

It is unbelievable how many people got reported in tribunal by their team for intentionally feeding, with a proper build, scores of like 2/7/4 and a chat full of communication that shows, that they tried doing teamwork but just were ignored or outplayed.

The "we loose, must be my teams fault" attitude in this game reaches heights, that it makes me sick. If you loose your lane, just bash the jungler, your support, enemies luck, enemies noob champ, enemies newb heal summoner or lag, the excuse of the pro.
It's just never your fault, because you are the single, god chosen unique snowflake carry uberlord. BTW: Those are 90% the people that instalock some pubstump champ.
(I think in about 4/5 of the games I had to play kind of support, because everybody and their grandma smurfs and plays carry, which is no problem as i like the role and it allows bot to snowball well)

Long story short: This game makes it really hard to get new players in, I believe that a lot of the fresh accounts are smurfs of people who want to noobstomp or are banned on their main accounts. I can understand every new player who is not used to such a hostile atmosphere to be easily offended or being disgusted.

Is it because a lot of teenagers play this game and are still in a hormone rollercoaster and on identity search?
Or because it is for free and therefore is easily accisible by people with a low education or people who are to lazy to find jobs (yeah, I know I am discriminating, but I have been working as voluntary social worker, worked in low profile jobs while studying and saying that in lower educated sociological peer groups there would be no different way of talking and acting is just denying in my opinion)?
The internet anonymity?
People feeling oppressed in their life and need to let it out online?
All of these? None?

I believe that introducing honor is a good thing done by riot, still I am not sure if it is a game changer as I do not see "toxic" players make a behavioural U-turn just to get a ribbon.
Maybe if the reward for being a good guy would be more significant, but I believe it affects the "neutral" players more than the internet trolls, haters and ragers.

Will put this post into the forums and would be glad to discuss this a little bit.

If you read it til here, thank you very much. I know it is not a super structured post, maybe it is because I am writing this more out of an emotional state than a logical, so bare with me for the chaotic read.

I just had to get this off of my chest before it eats my soul ;)

And to make it more carthartic, here is a picture of a puppy: