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Blowfeld's Mobafire Blog - Tag: rage

08 Oct

I guess this post serves as a karthatic medium for me, so bare with me if my point of view is very subjective and personal.

This out of the way I would like to speak about the "other meta" in LOL, not gameplay wise but community wise.

I had a short break of playing LOL regularly as I could not stand the constant bashing and harrassing of the players any more. I found out that I myself get quite aggressive when people misbehave in chat and you yourself have to be the better man, always... The so often used term "toxic" is quite fitting for this...
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11 Dec

Views: 1200 rage

Hi guys,

as a matter of fact I like to avoid visiting shrinks, so I will just compensate the moments that make me wanna go rage by blogging them right here.
Hope it has some cathartic effect, otherwise I can still rage that the rageblog is useless :)

Feel free to rage in here as well, I don't want to keep this imaginary punching bag all for my self ...

Today my rage factor is quite low, going to work on a sunday morning does not really uplift my mood but I had worse. Left work early as there was not that much to do and decided to go wash my clothes.
As my washing machine is...
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