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Blowfeld's Mobafire Blog

10 Jun
Let me say something about the change in people's behaviour on the internet.

The internet always provided anonymity which always buffed real world tools to mega tools and people who behaved well in the real world let out their bad boy online.

This is tolerable, as long as it does not hit a certain mark, as I know I can't change human kind. But I feel like the gaming community tolerated this trend for too much too long.

If a company does not release a patch, an unfinished product, a dlc or whatever on the minute mark, people rage through the forums as if they wanted to throw a...
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14 Feb
Hi guys,

I have just "played" ( I don't even know- that expression seems so unfitting), no, I have just experienced "Dear Esther";

It is a remake of a Half Life 2 Mod that I have never heard of until 2 days ago, saw some screen- shots and thought I would give it a go, even if my friends mocked me for that, as the title was too "indie" for them.

Well, for 2 hours, I had a poetical trip over an island, through caves, thoughts and a part of my self. This piece,...
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10 Feb

I just pre-ordered Tera to test it in its beta phase and am quite pleased.
Downsampled it to 2880 X 1620, forced v-sync and maxed every stat and still runs smooth 60fps without problems.

In this state it looks better then Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur and the LOD is much better.

Menus are quite accessible when you are used to MMOs and the tools to create a unique character are given, the animal race alone has about a dozen different animals and I chose a pipe smoking pug archer.

My first impression overall is quite positive, like it more then SWOTR, maybe that is because...
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