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I play support pretty avidly. I didn't start playing support until around 300 wins, but I've been hooked on the role ever since. I can perform other roles in a pinch (I'm not sure you will ever find anyone who says "support or feed"), but I'm not nearly as good. Jungling's my second favorite, but I tend to get outclassed since I'm used to the times when Uydr, Warwick, Lee Sin, and Trundle were all absolutely amazing. I play all supports but Lulu (saving up for her now), but I prefer not to play Blitzcrank. I love Sona for her versatility and big plays with her ult, I like Taric for his reliable harassment and tankiness, and I enjoy Janna for her massive CC and utility. I'll play whatever my carry wants though. On a completely unrelated note, I don't play ranked. I hear far too much about how horrible people's attitudes are, and I don't want to go into it as a support main without a dedicated carry to duo with.

TL;DR I love support: Sona Taric Janna. Also jungle. I don't ranked bc no duo partner.