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chefdoggy (Unverified)
Thresh, Soraka, Zyra
Support, Support, Ranged DPS


Hey everyone, my name is Knute (pronounced "newt", yes like the little lizard), but in the gaming world, my 2nd life, I go by chefdoggy, please call me chefdoggy. I have a passion for League of Legends. I have always believed it to be the best game out there. I someday want to work for Riot as an audio mixer for their video production, but I doubt that will ever happen, but I still have a year of highschool left. If you ever want me to support you, lemme know, add me on LoL, I'll message you who are you and what do you want, and then it's game on from there babyyyyyy!!!! I really want to get into the tournament scene. IF THERE ARE ANY TEAMS OUT THERE THAT NEED A SUPPORT, IM YOUR GUY!!