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Crimson Reveur (Unverified)
Draven, Xin Zhao, Jayce
Ranged DPS, Support, Melee DPS


Hello, my name is Ron. I'm an AD Carry player from Chicago Illinois.
I don't really know what hooked me on League of Legends, but the past 2 years
have been some of the funnest times for me gaming wise.
My personal life is pretty normal. I work at Subway and I start College next Spring.
Until then I have dreams of making it big in the LoL scene, like everyone else.
If you asked me what seperates me from the rest of the people going for the same thing
I really couldn't tell you, it's just something I know I can accomplish if I work hard
enough, generic answer I know, but it's true. Well anyways, I'm always up for a game
so add me anytime. (IGN: Crimson Reveur)