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D34thPhO3n1x's Mobafire Blog

02 Nov
Twisted Fate has been part of my champion roster for quite some time now and I finaly decided that I wanted to become a pro with him, the reason for this is because he is one of the most fun champions I have everplayed and with the harrowing here I also bought the Underworld Twisted Fate skin so I reaaaly need to learn him better or I will feel asif I had wasted 975 RP ...

It's not to say that I'm total garbage with him I am quite addiquite with him wich doesn't help when you wan't to climb the elo ladder so here are a few questions I had on him ...

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11 Sep
I have been playing LoL now for quite some time now and I have tried every role in order to find what suites me the best ... oddly enough the role I hate the most is the one I am the best in xD, I am ofcource talking about support role and I tried to deny it at first, but my win ratio as a support is extremely higher than all the other roles I have tried and now I am searching for that one champion I can call upon to be my main ...

450 IP
nothing ... really don't want any of them.

1350 IP
Has a snare and a shield for ADC,...
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07 Sep
I recently bought Twisted Fate and I am really surprised at just how fun it is to play as him, the sole reason for me is his W abbility "Pick a Card" (and a few other reasons).

It's also the main reason I believe why is difficulty is all the way up, the constantly shifting cards are what also make him extremely fun. Having to always look above his head (or the ability icon, tough this is kind of hard in 5v5 teamfights) and not knowing if you pressed the W key to late or to early making it a real gambit from not knowing what card is going to come up first and makes it damn good...
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07 Sep
I should mention before posting I only had Shaco a few days so I am really inexperienced with him, so if anybody mains him in ranked I would really like some info on him ...

When I first laid eyes on Shaco my thoughts were "daaaaaaaamn bad a**, Batman anyone ??" it's only when I played him for the first time that I realized I suck with him, so badly even that I never ever wanted to try him again (anyone who read a previous blog post of mine...
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01 Sep
I currently have 3437 IP and I have an itch for a new champion ... again, here are a few I had in mind that I would either buy now or save up and get later (need to know what everybody thinks of the champs so I don't buy c*** ... again -.- ).

3150 IP

Anivia (allot of CC, plus her passive sounds nice)
Gragas (great sustain and a beefy champion)
Heimerdinger (great support/ pusher, plus the idea of having a mobile base sounds OP)
Karthus (nice passive and massive aoe damage plus awesome ultimate)
LeBlanc (massive single target damage)...
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