Got queued up as Ryze. Going top. I was ready to poop on whoever I was going against in lane. Renekton? Come at me bro. Shyvana. Plz. Suddenly...a wild Yorick appears.

No srs. I went a little psycho when I saw the match-up. I have never had this match-up EVER and didn't know how it should/would go. We get into the laning phase and the stupid graveyard digger keeps spamming ghouls and makes me chug through pots and I lose CS like CRAZY. But...he runs low on mana and I flash kill him. [insert hue face here] He then returns the favor later and we are both 1/1.


Suddenly our Nocturne ganked top and I was 1/1/2. Then Katarina came top twice and I was 2/1/3. And thus I won lane with heavy help from my team. Honestly I have never played in a game where my mid roamed top to help. It was either stay mid or roam bot. That was it. It was nice for a change. The other team surrendered at around 25 minutes. Yorick was EXTREMELY behind and I was at a nearly fully stacked Tear of the Goddess and ROA.

Teamwork. Roaming. Magic. Ryze. WOW.

Best game ever.