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Summoner Info

Xepher217 (Unverified)
Akali, LeBlanc, Alistar
Melee DPS, Caster DPS, Tank


Swift as a crouching tiger stealthy as a hidden dragon
I'm a flippin' ninja man surprise you with my fly attackin'
Rackin' up them kills and stackin' got you thinking that i'm hackin'
Got a plan to take me out Then I suggest that you get crackin'

If You lack in skill well you best believe I'll take advantage
Always have the vantage point Akali's on a rampage boy
Mark you like a postage stamp and dancin' in the shadows man
Damage rampin' up akali always gettin' fed and pampered

Cause guys see that pretty girl in that skimpy ninja suit
Givin' me some free kills just because they think i'm cute
But it's just the internet they need to pick they jaws up
I'm just a bunch of pixels but they need a drool cup

Some say that I am easy mode, I think they need to
check theyselves
Say it when I get first blood, I just have more brain cells
Don't blame akali just for seeming overpowered
Empowering my ego acting like an all chat coward

Imma do what's necessary just to get the job done
Flank you in a team fight becoming a prob-lem
Gunblade activation(dramatic), The only one to use that
You'll never get away from my hidden jet pack

It's a fact that you're scared when you see me blast off
Rocketeer akali in your face after a short hop
On top of everything i never reach a full stop
swing my blades at your body til i lop an arm off

It's my job to assassinate while your team player hates
In-satiating panda (you legend!!) when, I initiate
Come swingin' out the gate, right before I seal your fate
If you think you're gonna kill me, let me set you straight

Haters gonna hate, I'm Calm and cool it ain't my trait
Always thinkin' i'm so great, for a kill i'm never late
dictatin' your life, pumpin' up your heart rate
Create an opportunity to raise your death date