Warning, reading ahead:

So, I did indeed play the game mode, but before I discuss what actually occurred I will talk about what I heard before playing against the bots.

Some people had talked about how easy it was, while others found difficulty. I suppose this would be expected with player skill levels and all, even some ranked players struggled. Also I had heard that it wasn't very fun either. I'm not so sure myself whether I enjoyed it or not, but feel free to let me know if you did or not.

Anywho, I did my first game as Braum, and decided to just go tanky. My lane partner, Lucian and I went up against a Zyra and Amumu the first thing I noticed about what was different was the music and how dark it was. I came to deal with the different brightness, and found that the bots were pretty easy, just that they had op powers... Also, when they did dragon, there was almost nothing you could do about it, but they never did Baron.

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My second game as Lux (I supported mostly at the start, but ended up being AP) was with a Corki bot lane against an Annie and Fiddlesticks. The bots difficulty didn't seem to change, but their powers were immense and difficult to cope with. Luckily, we won thanks to our Corki and Zigg's backdooring, which seems to be one of the only ways to win against these bots.

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I have not, however, done the fifth level, and am excited to do so. Let me know what you guys thought and what you think should be changed about it.