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17 Jul
Warning, reading ahead:

So, I did indeed play the game mode, but before I discuss what actually occurred I will talk about what I heard before playing against the bots.

Some people had talked about how easy it was, while others found difficulty. I suppose this would be expected with player skill levels and all, even some ranked players struggled. Also I had heard that it wasn't very fun either. I'm not so sure myself whether I enjoyed it or not, but feel free to let me know if you did or not.

Anywho, I did my first game as Braum, and decided to just go...
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15 Jul

So, I saw this new trailer for the MOBA Gigantic, and was wondering what you guys thought of it. The visuals look good, and from the brief in-game clip it looks like it's a third-person view. A brief summary of it:

A team action game developed by Seattle-area studio Motiga, where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy.
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