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22 Apr
Hey guys n gals, this is a thing I was thinking of doing where I "suggest" channels from YouTube that I think are good for League players! So uh, let me know what you think!
Today's channel:


Shibby and Hundar, the two gentlemen that upload the videos for this channel, are fans of League as well as other MOBAs (Heroes of the Storm, Smite), so expect to see those type of uploads! Their videos include:

Random LOL Moments
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12 Apr
So, I will admit that I was one of the unfortunate souls that didn't get to go to the PAX East :(
But I hope to attend the next one in summer which will be closer, and therefore more convenient!
Anyways, here's a video of Riot's teaser of Karthus' upcoming Visual Upgrade:

Also, there's another video of them talking about "The Art of Relaunching Champions"
(Warning: bad audio, sorry)

As always, let me know what you guys think,...
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09 Apr
So after a match I got this pop-up survey from League asking if I was glad Vel'koz was in the league, giving options such as agree, strongly disagree, and the like. What's this supposed to be for? Is this just a test, or is Vel'Koz' existence in jeopardy?

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else got this, and what they think it might be for.
Personally I think it's a good way for Riot to get more feedback from their community, since they have a good reputation for listening to their fans.
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28 Mar

Hey guys!

So, as the title implies, I have played Infinite Crisis recently, and I wanted to know what you guys thought of it, whether that be stategies, likes, dislikes, etc.

Personally, it's pretty much like dominion on League for me, and I find it interesting how there's not skins for each of their champions, but it's as if you're buying another champion entirely. But that's probably because of their whole alternate universes thing that they have.

So far the controls are okay, just a bit klunky for me, hopefully they'll look...
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