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devdevil's Mobafire Blog

23 Jun

Hi again guys, I'm glad to hear you're finding these enjoyable :)

5th post from the Funny Internet, and when it didn't seem like it could get any more funny (don't know if funnier is a word lol, it probably is)!

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21 Jun

Would like to thank WOMBO for the cool banner to brighten up my blog :)


Well, another post for another Friday! I'm on my awesome summer break now, but anyways, this post we get to see what champions (might) do in their daily life.
A 'biography' of Katarina, Irelia, Soraka, Teemo, Master Yi, Ashe and Tryndamere, Irelia, Talon, Cassiopeia, and skin idea for Lulu.

SOURCES: , ,...
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14 Jun
Once again, thanks to Mowen for making the art for my blog's banner, and virusNG1 for formatting it :) Post #8 here of the art part of my blog, hope you enjoy!


So, I found a lot of art for this topic. Champions have to stay in shape when people don't choose them, so they're always training! This post will provide some art drawn by people who think up how it would look!

This post we'll see Shyvana, Teemo and Tristana, Blitzcrank, Kayle, Katarina,...
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11 Jun

OMG guys! I got a banner^^^ Thanks to Mowen for making the art, and virusNG1 for formatting it :) We have some great artists in this community :D

Post #4 of The Funny Internet! I'm glad you guys have been enjoying it so far! I have ^_^

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