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20 Mar
super galaxy rumble

night hunter rengar

The new Gurren Lag- uh, I mean Super Galaxy Rumble skin looks like it's probably gonna be an ultimate skin, I wonder if it'll create more popularity with the yordle. Also, Night Hunter Rengar looks neat, and it looks like his E will be a skillshot now, that'll be interesting to see how it plays out with players.

Thanks for taking a look, let me know what you think!
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18 Mar
So some upcoming skins probably in the next patch are going to be the Void Fizz skin, Super Galaxy Rumble, and Atlantean Syndra. I don't have the ability looks for Fizz (yet), so I might post them later, including the new Rumble skin. Legendary Super Galaxy Rumble ability preview coming up!

void fizz voice

void fizz ability pre-release teaser

Atlantean Syndra
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11 Mar
Hey guys, I didn't see any thread like this so I figured I make a post for the new Team Builder live beta on the NA server. So far, just as someone who joins a group (I've been doing mostly support role), my games haven't been going too well. Sometimes I get paired up with players who aren't very skilled, against players from silver to gold, and even went up against a pre-made team...

Fortunately, though, the wait time is great, I don't have to wait that long, and there's more communication among the team now.

I was planning on trying out the leader role now and try to get together a...
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