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devdevil's Mobafire Blog

05 Mar
Hey guys! I have some videos to share, but I decided to present them in a minimized format;

Vel'koz texture update

Kog'maw Q skill shot vfx

New large monster heal vfx

New kassadin vfx

heimerdinger homeguard animation
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26 Feb
Hey guys, I am back and this time with a discussion about the 4.3 patch notes!

So, my biggest anticipation is for the change in support items, because I main support, and these changes will increase sustainability, but while lowering mana regen and raising the cost. I liked the mana regen part at first, so I will likely miss it, but then again it will help me maintain mana problems better ;)

Also the new champion, Vel'Koz! Better be expecting your daily flood of guides for him...
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20 Feb
Hey guys, haven't really been interacting much on MOBAFire recently, just skimming the surface for any interesting stuff. Anyways, wanted to bring up an interesting thing about the following video of Vel'Koz' special taunt for different champions/map;

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