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17 Jul

When you think of AP casters, what names come to mind? Annie? Anivia? Brand? What if I told you that a man who deals his damage with wax paper cards can hold his own in League's most popular lane? Twisted Fate first found himself as an AD Carry in the early days of Summoner's Rift's Heal/Poke Meta, but when League introduced bulkier characters with gap closers aplenty, Twisted Fate found himself switching tactics, and now can be found as an AP Caster. Here are a few reasons why Twisted Fate should be...
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17 Jul

Views: 2110 LOL BIAS: Caitlyn

In bottom lane, positioning can be the one aspect of life and death for you and your partner, having this knowledge and the gift of excellent range can make a bottom lane much more manageable. One character who has excellent range and can keep good positioning, as well as constitute how bottom lane rolls is the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn. Het kit allows dominance in lane, an excellence in poking, and synergy with Stun-heavy champions that can decimate opponents. Here are a few reasons why Caitlyn should be your pick as...
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10 Jul

[Sorry for not doing a lot of these, my month of June was crazy, I should be doing these every week again.]

If there is one sole objective for the AD Carry in bottom lane, it's to do damage and do it quickly. For Summoner's Rift bottom lane, not many do that objective better than Graves. The Outlaw of League provides a devastating burst along with utility to push lanes and disrupt team fights, along with an ultimate that can sway any battle. Graves is a threat to all champions in Summoner's Rift, and here's a few...
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01 Jun

Views: 1321 LOL BIAS: Taric

AD champions in League of Legends need a little lovin' during the lane phase, and for an AD champ to get fed in lane, that character will need to be babysat. I feel that if any Support is going to go bot lane and ruin an opponent's day, it has to be Taric. His kit is ideal for lane dominance and lane presence by not only dictating when battles start and end, but also having the ability to sustain damage in lane with what could be called the best heal in the game. Here are a few reasons why Taric is truly, truly one of the...
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