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04 Feb
Got my gold back quite easily, first had 4 wins and 4 defeats then won 12 ranked games in a row. With 6/4 I was placed into silver 1 but after those 10 wins more in the row i got also Gold V really fast. Then after that amazing win-streak i found myself in situation where i was only gold in my games and i was faced against platinums and diamonds. MMR was a way better than my actual league-placement. Then i just started getting my accounts on other servers on ranked elo. EUW account OrganizationXII had some difficulties since i had no playable runes and only couple champs i could actually...
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01 Jan
Huu, reader! I am divic, extremely weird and in some odd way veteran mobafire-member. I have rather old mobafire-account but sometimes i have been very active on site and then i may have had one year without logging in. Anyways i have always followed the way of Mobafire from rags to the riches.

I have developed a lot across the years in pretty much every way but still i feel like i am worse than in the start. (I guess I have developed more as a human than as a player) When I started at university and lived in a dorm with foreigners I used to play a lot and perhaps that was my peak as a...
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