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DR34MK1LL3R's Mobafire Blog

29 Aug

Views: 629 New ADC Main

Hey everyone that reads this, I just recently started maining ADC starting out with 4 champions in my pool so far, while playing Caitlyn and Ezreal on the free weeks. I have found a stream that I watch regularly and I am looking for a sort of mentor, someone that can duo queue with me and doesn't mind playing against bronze players (LOONG story). I really have no way of voice chatting as my parents are kind of strict on that basis, so we would be basically talking through chat. It seems that every game I get into, the support is someone who instapicks a nidalee or pantheon and feeds and...
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10 Jul

Views: 842 PAX Sivir Skin Code

Hey guys I am looking for a PAX Sivir Skin code because I have recently pulled Sivir out of my box of unused champs and have found her quite pleasing to use. If anyone has a code, knows anyone who has a code, or knows where to get a code, please reply. Thanks guys :D
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01 Jul

Views: 543 Maining One Role

I have recently heard that maining one role is actually useful when climbing the ladder. Is this true? If so, why? Also, I know that the pros all main one role, but since I'm at a pretty low league, how do I explain to people that I main a role, and how do I get them to let me do that role?
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14 Mar

Views: 695 De gravedigger

Is Yorick still viable? I recently purchased him because he was on sale, and I haven't done very well with him. I will normally end a game with a warmogs, a manamune (rarely will i get a marumana), and a pair of boots (this is just normals, and I have only played 3 games with him, and I cant figure out the balance between getting the muramana and getting more items). I like his kit, but I can't find any newer builds for him. The top Yorick build is stale... anyone have any good items (besides manamune)?
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02 Mar

Views: 468 PBE Account

Does anyone have a spare PBE Account I could have? I would like to test for bugs with a few of my friends who already have an account, but signups are closed. Does anyone have an extra?
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