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DR34MK1LL3R's Mobafire Blog

28 Feb

Views: 460 kali

Anyone have any tips/tricks for akali? (besides the obvious things like use R on minis to catch up to enemies, or use W on "edges" or "curbs") I recently bought her because I love her kit, and most of the people I see play kali are just straight OP, and I had some IP to spend. Any preferred builds? (I'm not talking about like the top rated akali build on mobafire, I'm talking about YOUR PREFERRED BUILD) Ty for the feedback to everyone that does...
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27 Feb

Views: 651 Troll Games

I have started a trend of occasionally going into a PVP game and either instalock a random, or I pick a champion I have never played with, and just buying whatever a want at that moment in time, whether it be AD items, AS items, Tanky items, etc. I have found this to be quite amusing to me, because their have been times when I totally destroy the lane, and others where I get smashed. Anyone have opinions on this? How about any other ways you have fun? Opinions on being on the opposing team of someone like me?
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26 Feb

Views: 1467 Nidaree

Is support nida viable? I recently tried it out, but I just cannot seem to find a correct way to do it. Build and skill-wise, I just cannot seem to do it. I love support, but support nidalee just doesn't roll with me. Any thoughts?
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25 Feb

Views: 575 Leagues

I'm having a hard time winning ANY ranked games because of the teammates that show up. I have come to be an extremely skilled Janna support, but with the teammates I am playing with, the enemies get fed. I shouldn't really have to tell you the rest of the story. How am I supposed to climb the Leagues when I'm stuck at the low levels?
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25 Feb

Views: 531 Tanking

I recently started playing as Cho'gath top lane (I used to play him when i first started out because of how simple his kit is). I have a few other top laners such as Darius, Fiora, Lee Sin, and others. I love being the tank for my team. One thing I cannot figure out is, which is more important, hp, or armor/mres? I usually end a game with a Randuin's Omen, Warmog's, and ocasionally a Frozen Heart and Sunfire cape (depending on the game length). Any tips/tricks for tanks?
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