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Edison0057 (Unverified)
Annie, Lulu, Soraka
Support, Mage, Marksman


Hi, I am EdisonKhoo, I live in Malaysia and I am Chinese. I am currently 14 years old(07-05-2000) and I hope to know more people and learn more in this community :)

I main support, top and mid lane, I also like to play Twisted Treeline map.

Games I play:
League of Legends(PC)
Left 4 Dead(PC)
Resident Evil(PS3)
Warriors Orochi/Dynasty Warriors(PS2/PS3)

Smite IGN: x2Piperr
LoL IGN: Edison0057(SEA)/EdisonKhoo(NA/EUW)
Skype: edison0057

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