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Ekki's Mobafire Blog

09 Apr
Having only 30 points to distribute on masteries can make picking them a pain. I made this article to cover some basics on what to consider when making a mastery page and some generalities of the different trees. For an overview of masteries check my previous article on the topic.

Most of what I say here assumes that masteries are somewhat balanced. If some masteries are too overpowered or too weak they'll be the exceptions for some tips. If that is the case I'll cover it in my in-depth articles on each tree as...
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09 Apr
Masteries are a series of buffs to your champions that you get to pick from three trees (Ferocity, Cunning and Resolve) and can be changed from game to game. I made this article to cover some generalities of masteries. For more insights on mastery picking scroll down to the bottom and check my other articles on the topic.

MOBAfire has its own mastery database if you want to check them by yourself and see how they work.

How are masteries organised?

There are three kind of...
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09 Apr

"First time" rune pages

As soon as you get to level 20, you can aim towards your first two rune pages: One for AP and one for AD. They're both made with discount runes and share the same glyphs/marks/seals. They are decent for normal play but suffer from a couple of problems I listed below them. If you are focused on playing ranked and already know what roles you'll play the most, check the role-specific rune pages.

your first two rune pages
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17 Dec

Views: 5729 Get to know Powerspikes

Powerspikes are a quite obscure concept that's mostly grasped subconsciously after you get some experience with a champion, but they are one of the basics of actually mastering a champion, so it's always good to know more about them.

tl;dr: Powerspikes are moments within the game when your champion suddenly gets more power than average from an item/levelup.

*Item powerspikes means that plain gold does NOT give you a powerspike. Getting a kill won't help you hit an item powerspike until you go back to base and buy something.

More power than average...
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