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Embracing's Mobafire Blog - Tag: rosephoenix

12 Jun

Views: 1041 rosephoenix

I'm quitting my solo-top to learn AP Mid; I already know the fundamental concepts of mid.

Any high-elo AP Mids in MOBA currently?

Would like to find someone to spectate / watch / learn / chat with

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29 May

Views: 732 rosephoenix

1) Some people who vote on this site: OH this guide has amazing format and detail it must be in-depth "in depth guide on ____. Best guide! Deserves to be on top! *upvote*"


2) Guide reviewers PLEASE SEPARATELY REVIEW AESTHETICS AND VIABILITY. Stop upvoting just because of aesthetics :c It doesn't matter how much time they spent on it. If the build's not optimal, it's not optimal. It won't deserve to be on the top, and if it does, it'll only mislead other players and further ruin the site's reputation.

3) RENEKTON MAXING W OR E SO FUN. In all seriousness, it actually...
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25 Mar
So, I have a level 30 account in one server and a level 21 in another (Both Chinese) and I will be starting my elo climb and hardcore Riven practice!

My Riven guide should be up by June or July; I've got a bunch of stuff to do at school *-*
May I have AP
June I have SAT

With the spare time I have I will play on the Chinese server.
The most idealistic elo I would get would be 2k, and I am aiming for at least 1.6k.
I have a major problem right now with making mistakes in game; need to fix that.
Need to work on mechanics as well.

Also, I updated my Renekton guide a bit and...
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