So I've surveyed the vast cosmos of league content and have found sort of a 'gold spot' in the meta. What I mean by that is a type of champion that will do well in the meta in most lanes against every matchup. In the mid lane, I've seen lee-sin do well, since he is a great 1v1 melee champion but can also heavily cripple a mages health with his Q and dash. Another example is Nocturne, who can Q onto someone and use his E for the gap closer, not to mention his ultimate, which he can basically lock onto anyone and probably get the kill. The more prevalent meta picks like Lee and Noc are Yasuo and Yone, because they have very nice gap closing abilities and scale really well.

I've played quite a bit of xin zhao, and I've recently tried him in the mid lane.

I don't want to say he's op, but he's definitely something.
His W does a lot of damage and slows AND marks the enemy, which extends his E range. His E is a dash that gets extended by his W and gives him extra attack speed which can help stack his Q, which knocks the enemy in the air on the 3rd attack. His ultimate, if you can hit the W, allows him to 2v1 against a gank if you can land his W E. He does great into melee matchups, and when thinking about it and looking around he is either even or beats most mid lane assassins and bruisers (with the exception of nocturne, who I would ban). His W can help him gap close and one shot squishy mages like orianna and veigar. If they don't have any cc in their kit they're doomed.

I am making a guide on this with the bruiser build and runes, but I would definitely try this out because he feels very strong in the mid lane as of now.