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caocaoofweimlhy (Unverified)
Ezreal, Tryndamere, Teemo
Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Caster DPS


Hi! I am a guide maker for MOBAFire and here's some info bout me!
I) Hardly play ranked.
II) I consider myself a good player as I read up on a lot of info, though because of time constraint I cannot get to high elo faster than my knowledge, so I am usually stuck with lower elo players (definition: no jungles/support, glass cannon xin zhao ( still dont understand that) and clarity for AP (=.=))
III) Fav champs (in no order whatsoever):
1) Ezreal!!!! Loved him b4 PFE, now with PFE even better! Frosted is good too!
2) Tryndamare. OP as ever with insane crits.
3) Teemo and TF. Put them together cuz I LOVE ON-HITS!
4) Jax. AD and AP combo-whombo!
5) Irelia. Tanky while melting your hp.
6) Xin Zhao. Jump in and WRECK FACE!
7) Swain. Fav AP as can tank, deal ****tons of dmg and snare, slow and increase DMG
8) Master Yi. Beast AP or AD.
9) Janna. Gotta say my fav support. Got shield with dmg, can knock up, heal, push away and is HOT too!

IV) Plays on Singapore's Garena server
V) Plans to work at Riot Games once I get my degree ( hopefully when I am 20+)
VI) LVL 30
VII) Currently playing as Solo top, Jungle, AD carry and sometimes AP carry for my team.