So I've been dabbling with Swain (still very superficially), but I'm starting to get some things. I like how he is now, with the tear and stuff, and I've definitely had some good surprises and stuff. Others, I'm not so sure.


With my MS quints and the raised ms on champs, I think starting crystaline flask, Faerie Charm and 2 health potions is a great way to go. It gives you more lane sustain than boots + 3 pots did and it doesn't slow you that much. Exceptions would be huge Zoners you shouldn't even desire to lane against (Orianna, Cassiopeia)


First off, I wanna start with the good surprises, and I'd say boot enchantments are it. Furor, which gives MS speed on spell damage, felt FACKING AMAZING, altho I'm sure others can be great as well (Flash CDR and Healing Faster in base), these work like a better reverse Rylai's Crystal Scepter, in the way that you're always mobile and tenacity combined with the fact that Swain's damage AoE won't stop it (as they do with Rylai)

Another great "surprise" is the new Deathfire Grasp, which is a beast if you can (smart)cast everything fast enough ( Torment while in Ravenous Flock, dfg's active, Decrepify and Nevermove). You hurt a lot, congratulations.

I'm a bit disappointed with the Lament item, I'm not sure just how good it is yet. I mean, it might be amazingly BEAST and the matches I played with it didn't actually show it. Dunno, still felt like I should've built RoA first. I've also had it on Rumble (built rylai as well) and the upgrade didn't feel that strong, meh.

Also confused about Tear of the Goddess, it didn't stack with Ravenous Flock when I used it alone, but it stacks pretty fast once I'm in lane using stuff. Either way, shouldn't R stack it?

Anyways, loving the changes!