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I joined the league of legends community last year but I never really played or got into it untill november last year. I got my 1st penta kill on novmber 13th 2013 which was my b-day. I was using Fiora top and all of a sudden it was a 2v5. I jumped in killing 2 champs and my sion ran and damaged the heck out of 2 champs and i ran in ulted and took them out then q q q tot ake out the last guy. Lately I've been more into league but it's hard but I like it and we do alot of troll games like double jg (you get morg and panth for double stun and gank whole game) and all yordle matches. My skype is cheyennesoto1 if you wanna play with my little gamer clan. We also play minecraft but not as much. I do play osu I love it. Have any qeustions just pm me.