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6 years of experience and literally 9000 hours of life wasted on League of Legends, yay! I main Marksmans mostly, but it depends on a game. My highest rank was gold 2 in Season 5. I'm a skeptical but reasonably thinking: Artist, Journalist, Painter, Gamer, Nerd, Hippie, Mastermind, yup. And you can know me by never finishing my guides... IN ONE UPDATE ********, who am I supposed to be, hah, just kidding but really, gimme some time. I know what I'm writing and my every single guide got pluses, pluses that I'm listing under them. Have fun with the most original and unnatural guides, like tank Ziggs, AND IT'S ACTUALLY WORKIN'... In most cases, huhuhu.

If someone would care bout my account achievements:
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